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The Shimano Epic Enduro was … Epic

Geschreven op 18 april 2014

Every year a challenge – that’s the deal and this year the Fonce crew registered for the Shimano Epic Enduro. For those who never heard of it, in a nutshell it’s: 90kms 4.300m D+/D- 8 timed specials Liaisons are not…

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Mountainbike Guide Training by MIAS

Geschreven op 18 maart 2014

Tim and myself recently attended a Mountainbike Guide course and it was GREAT. Must say, expectations were slightly different from what the actual weekend was. We had our bikes set and were ready for a couple of days of shredding &…

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Commencal Supernormal – testrit met Kurt

Geschreven op 9 maart 2014

Is die Supernormal van Commencal wel normaal? We vroegen het aan Kurt die mee op testrit ging … Iets over de Supernormal De Supernormal is de trail mountainbike waar het bij Commencal allemaal mee begon … . Zowel de meer…

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